Final Draft and Storyboard PRO

Selling point was that Storyboard PRO could import Final Draft scripts… it is not happening. What is fix? When will this happen…

We need a little effort here for the Tips and Tricks section.


What version of Storyboard Pro are you using? Are you using service pack 1? If you can do me a favour and read me off the exact build version - should be in the format 8.x.x.xxxx

What steps are you doing when you try to import? In order to import a final draft-created xml file, you need to use Final Draft 7 with Tiger to export the xml, then you can import the Tiger-generated xml through Storyboard’s interface. Are you trying to use it with Final Draft 8 perhaps?

I am using Storyboard PRO Version 8.6.1 (4709)
SP1 (2009-04-21 15:59:38)

I have BOTH Final Draft 7 and Final Draft 8


Is there support for Final Draft 8 being developed???

Support for Final Draft 8 and Tagger 2 will be available in the next release.

Okay I’m working with the same version of you.

What stage of the process are you running into a problem? Just to reiterate, You need to export from Final Draft 7 with Tagger. What exactly are you doing when you try to import?

Here is the process you should be following:
1) Export from Final Draft 7 with Tagger
2) open SB Pro
3) Go to File > New Storyboard from Final Draft XML
4) Select your xml file created through Tagger
5) Assign the different sections of tags to different areas of the Storyboard - dialogue to dialogue, transitions to transitions, however you want to set your scene up
6) After this a dialogue will pop up where you can enter the location and name for your new scene

Now you should have a new scene, with all your dialogue and action in the correct places, all your boards created appropriately.

At what step in the process are you running into issues?

I have been able to use Final Draft 8 SAVEAS version 7 file… does not always work… Tagger will report that file is missing formatting and needs to be saved in Final Draft 7.

I have saved and XML out of Tagger for use with SBPRO … when I open new storyboard file there are various heading that need to be imported … that is where I get lost now.

Is there a tutorial available going from Fian Draft script all teh way to importing teh XML and setting up heading… the whole process.


Basically you can assign the different tag types to the different fields available in Storyboard. This part may indeed seem confusing - basically I suggest that you play around with it, perhaps with a test file so that you can see where the different tags will end up after you do the import. There is a lot of flexibility built in here, so that you can assign whatever tags to whatever sections you want, so how it’s set up is really based on what you want to do.

Unfortunately I’m not aware of any tutorials on this subject at the moment. If I hear of any I’ll definitely let you know.

I am using Final Draft v7 until SP PRO is upgraded to handle Final Draft v8