final cut pro issue

Is it possible to have more than one video track in storyboard pro. We need an extra track for a bug. Perhaps this could be applied as a separate layer across all the panels?We have been able to export from storyboard pro into final cut successfully however we are having some difficulty returning the project from final cut to storyboard. In final cut we need to be able to add new panels and make changes. When we import this new revised XML from Final cut we need SBP to recognise the new panels and import them in the correct order. Do we need to store the new panels in a folder in SBP to reference the project.Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

It is not possible to have more than one video track. You can copy and paste a layer onto multiple panels, however.

For Final Cut integration, we support the ability to do some editing in Final Cut and have those changes be reflected. For example, you could change the timing, you could reorder panels. However you cannot add additional panels and have those be imported into the Storyboard Pro scene.