Final Cut/Avid and TBS

Can one use TBS just to make animated scenes without sound and then use another program such as Final Cut (if using Mac) or Avid (for PC) to add the sound and add effects like transitions and titles etc to make a cartoon movie? Is that a good idea?

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Yes you can easily export to Quicktime and import all those files into an editing software afterward. This is a good way to add some effect that might not be covered in the software.

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Yes you can use Final Cut Pro as well as other applications. TBS goes well
with them. I use Final Cut for rotoscoping too. Check out my example:

I also used “Motion” to obtain the smoke effects in the video. The sky’s
the limit with all the cool things you can do.
Jerry ;D

For my last project I exported each scene as avi files, then used Avid to edit the whole lot together. It was an easy and pain free process, but it would help to get an external drive as the file sizes are huge. The sound was also added in Avid. I would imagine that final cut would do the same.

sure thing!

That’s what I do with it. Here’s some hints for Final Cut usage:

Do some quick test runs, to figure out what export formats and settings you will use from TBS — BEFORE you get into a real project! You can end up with some bad image degradations once within FC, if you don’t match things up properly. Since FC likes DV formats so much, I export from TBS to DV stream. Then in FC, no rendering is needed. However, I have seen some cases where FC is crashing on these files. Hmmm…

TBS is very geared toward the “cell” level, while FC is geared toward the “clip” level. This means TBS is great for controlling the detail in each cell, but FC is much better at trimming clips and arranging them within a longer sequence. And of course, the transitions and filters in FC. So, use each for its strengths.

The latter also applies to sound tracks, especially if you have the SoundTrack product, but even within FC.

This flow allows one to mix animation sequences into larger projects of mixed media types.

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