Filter glitch on Harmony 15

I made a character set-up with Auto-Patch, Cutter - pretty basic stuff.

It works fine on Harmony 14. But on Harmony 15, the filter effect deactivates as I move the mouse from the node window to any other window.

I have to disconnect and reconnect the filter to the composite to make it visible again. But when I move the mouse, the glitch repeats.

I tested the file on 3 different pcs. The issue occurred on 2 - both with harmony 15.

It seems a problem with the graphics card. Maybe your drivers aren’t up to date or maybe the computer in which the file worked on has better hardware.

Anyway, I don’t know if Harmony14 has OpenGL live preview of the effects like 15 does. Try deactivating some effects preview from the preferences if updating your drivers don’t work.

Thx for the reply!

The first thing I tried was updating the graphic card driver.

About the hardware: The computer the file works (the one with Harmony14) is identical to the third one - which shows the same issue.

I’m new to Toon Boom, and I wonder if Harmony15 implemented some kind of config. option that may be causing this.

Well, if I were you, I’d check the options in the OpenGL tab in the Preferences Window, and deactivate all Windows effects, just to make sure is not something related to that.

There’s an option on that tab called “Alternate Gradient and Cutter”, maybe activating it helps (if you have an ATI Radeon). You can deactivate the cutter on the OGL view from this tab if you can’t solve the problem.

Make sure also you have the latest Harmony build. I wouldn’t know what else I could try. Hope it helps.