Film offset setting for 3D camera


So, first of all, I love the 3D features in ToonBoom, I think it’s just amazing for parallax effects and I can’t wait to use it more.

The problem is that for some scenes I need a pan rather than a track, so I don’t need a parallax for that scene.
The camera only lets me do a move where the parallax happens, there’s no film offset option for the camera like in Maya to disregard it.

Unfortunately, due to the way I made my character rig, I can’t just make my scene with no depth and just move the camera normally.

The workaround I have for it so far is a crop node where I change the X and Y offset values, but the issue with that is that I need to specify a resolution to it and it makes for a messy workflow this way.

I would suggest a film offset parameter for the camera, but as you can’t animate camera parameters it might need a separate transformation input for that.

Thank you.