Film Grain, faking in Toon Boom Studio 5.0.

After searching on this forum, the tutorials, and various bits on the internet I’ve not found a solution for this. Hoping someone has some ideas.

Question: How can I create a ‘film grain’ effect with a project that has moving cameras?

Details: I can already make a layer with a grain effect that works great. However as soon as I move the camera the grain layer of course doesn’t move and thus the individual grains become smaller or larger.

Whenever I attempt to Put this layer in with the camera peg layer, the grain layer instantly rotates on it’s axis so that it appears as a single line across the screen rather than a flat plane. This happens with any other shape or bitmap I use as well.

I realize I can export in QuickTime with some noise effects but they’re not of any real quality.

Any thoughts or ideas are most welcome!

If attaching an element to a peg changes the way the element is displayed then that indicates the influence of one or more keyframed attributes set on the parent peg. You will need to identify those keyframes. You can apply keyframes on the element itself that will override the ones on its parent as a possible solution.-JK


It’s was perhaps an obvious thing, but admittedly my brain is fried going over the manual the past 2 days. Works perfecto.