filling line segments with paint bucket

Hi all -

anyone tell me why I can’t fill a box comprised of the line segment tool with the paint bucket… the lines all cross each other so there are no openings … thanks, Dan

The best explanation for this is that even though you drew the lines to look as if they intersected, they do in fact have a gap that prevents the fill. The gap may not be visible because it is not in the flat plane of 2D but rather in the 3D space between two or more of your contour points.

There are a number of solutions to this issue.

(1) If before you draw with the line tool set Tools>Draw Top Layer “on”. This will usually cause your lines of the same color that intersect to “weld” together.

(2) If you already have the outline drawn and want to “weld” the sides together to eliminate gaps you can select the entire outline, be sure Draw Top Layer has be set to “on” and then use Tools>Lines to Brush . This will merge the lines which are all the same color. Now you can use Tools>Extract Center Line to convert your outline back to being lines instead of strokes.

(3) Another way to fix your problem is to use the contour edit tool (the unfilled arrow) first set Tools>Snap to Contour “on”, then using the contour edit tool you can drag the adjacent contour points next to each other and they will “weld” together eliminating the gaps. Hope this helps -JK


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m off to give it a try. Can’t tell you how frustrated I’ve been, zooming in as deeply as it is possible to get and having it look like points must have intersected, yet they won’t fill.

It’s been a long tedious process to check one area after another with the paint bucket tool to see if I had my gaps closed too. Even with ‘fill large gaps’ selected.