Filling Empty Cells

from the manual:
When creating drawings on cells that are not side-by-side, the exposure of the first drawing no longer fills automatically. You need to select the frame range where you want your drawings to hold their exposure up to the next drawing and use the Fill Empty Cells command.

Is there a way to bring this function back, and be able to toggle between automatic fill or not? I would really appreciate that, as I find it slows down my work a lot if I need to do it manually all the time when posing my animation.


Yeah, this is the same exact problem I’ve been having. I have no idea why they would remove it rather than make it an optional feature.

I think the closest alternative solution that I’ve found is selecting the empty cel right before the next drawing and using “Extend Exposure”. It might still be manual but it’s much faster than the “Fill Empty Cells” command, since you only need to hit F5.