Fill Issue

I drew a picture of a house using the rectangle tool and the line tool. Where I used the rectangle tool I can use the fill just fine, but where I used the line tool to make multiple lines to create an object it will not let me fill. I have tried to group the lines and made sure there are no gaps, but still cannot get this to work. Any help on how to fix this?

I suspect that your visual inspection for gaps may not reveal their existence, but the inability to fill the “zones” is caused by gaps none the less. So here is a trick that should resolve your problem.

1. Select all of the lines that make up your zone to be filled.

2. From the “Tools” menu select the CONVERT LINES TO BRUSH command.

3. With the outline of the zone still selected, from the “Tools” menu select the EXTRACT CENTER LINE command.

4. Now you should be able to fill the enclosed zone with your chosen color.

This process causes the intersections of your original lines to be “welded” together as part of the conversion of lines to brush strokes. That welding closes the “invisible gaps”. The step to convert back to center lines is not required but because some of your drawing was done with other line tools it will keep the outline consistent. -JK

You could also try activating the close gap feature.