fill entire background of layer in solid color?

Hi, I’d like to fill the entire background of a series of panels with a solid gray color rather than white. I tried the paint bucket tool but this doesn’t seem to work, any suggestions? thanksalso…(new to Storyboard Pro)…I’m wondering if it is possible to adjust all the colors of a layer using a global slider similar to the way Animate allows all the colors of a palette to be changed quickly to create a night version of a character – sort of like Photoshop’s levels adjustment would change the greyscale of all greys painted in a character at oncefinally…can a scene created in Animate be imported into Storyboard pro as a more aesthetically developed scene? thank you!

Hi,To set a gray background for a range panels you should make a shape bigger then your camera zone and paint it after. There is currently no way to temporarily set a background color for a set of panels but using this method above should be pretty quick to use.Best regards,Ugo

Thank you Ugo! Just to make a suggestion…I’m looking forward to learning Storybaord Pro but if future versions were able to completely incorporate the Photoshop tools and workflow used in this DVD by Pixar storyboard artists Derek Thompson I think that would be a strong plus. is worth checking out that DVD if you guys are designing storyboard applications : ))There are advantages to using Storyboard Pro but improvements would include a levels adjustment capability as used in the DVD, etc