Fill Cells Randomly fails?

I’m trying to generate randoms for an expression column.
However, Animate Pro reports “Invalid value: “73” at col: Expr row 1. Update stopped” What is going on here?

That’s normal. Expression columns are made to put a mathematical formula, not to fill like a regular columns. For example, in the editing part of the column (double click the header) you could do peg_y + peg2_x. This would add the values of columns peg_y and peg2_x.

You can check in the documentation which mathematical operators are supported.

Hm, so my random column should be a Drawing column? This is one of the many points where Toon Boom is conceptually weak. It is generally accepted that numbers are the simplest expressions…

Another quirk is that often I cannot use a function from the menu because Animate Pro complains there is “no current selection” Now I am not able to Fill Cells Randomly, because, no matter how hard I try, I’m getting this alert. What am I doing wrong here?

If a function cannot be applied in some situation, it should be greayed out, inactive in the menu: it saves users a lot of frustration.

I’m not sure what you are doing different because I can create the random cell values on Drawing, Bezier, 3D path and Ease columns in the left part of the Xsheet or in the hidden right part. I used the Xsheet > Exposure>Fill Cells randomly… or by right clicking the selected range of cells.