Files / panels going blank!!!

Brought my file home from work to do some work at home and opened up the file on a brand new installed SBP 4 and for a start I get a message telling me that the file is already opened (!) and and work may cause problems.
I open the file anyway and the thumbnails all disappear before my eyes and apart from the layers in each panel there are no images at all.

This is happened before but with a freshly installed package???
Working shouldn’t be this hard. Honestly.

This might be due to how you transferred the project over.

You should zip/compress your SBP4 project before moving it.
Make sure to work on projects only from the internal hard drive of the system. If you work from an eternal drive, USB drive or network drive you will risk the possibility of losing data because these other types of drives may not be responsive enough to keep up.

The message about the project already being open is due to the .lock file in the project. When opening a project the .lock file is created. The lock file is supposed to be removed when you close the project but might remain if the software is force-quit or if the system crashes while you have the project open. The existence of a lock file in your project is not the cause of any corruption of the project but may be a symptom of an earlier corruption of the project due to having exited the project ungracefully.