Files not opening


I recently bought Storyboard Pro 2 (running on Mac OS 10.6) and at first it worked beautifully. But today when attempting to open any of my files, only a vertical sliver appears on the far right side of the monitor. The program thinks the file has been opened. I’ve checked all my cables, double checked all the settings and preferences. Nothing. Can I or should I uninstall the software and try reinstalling it? Is that even an option? I use Storyboard Pro professionally, and the delay is costing me big time!

Hi mmarcantel

I have no clue what this can be. Tried to recreate the situation you describes by collapsing windows in different ways. Doing this I remembered that sometimes when i push the window to the side of the screen to watch open windows in other applications it can be difficult to drag the window back if its to close to the edge. Remembering that I placed the window nearly off screen and closed the application. Reopening TBSB 3D , I dragged the window into the screen area again. Now it was just a thin vertical stripe with only the red and yellow button on top. The green to adjust window size to screen was hidden. By moving the cursor carefully over the vertical stripe it fond hold and I could drag the window open again. The moral here: Never close the app with the window off screen.
Don`t know if this is the issue., so please excuse me if I miss the target.
Hope you are soon up and running.
Best regards

Hi, mmarcantel,
Please rename the folder below and try to relaunch the program.
/Users/username/Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 2/