files disapearing

When i place an object in cameramode, it sometimes doesn´t show.
When i export the swf it looks all wrong, the QT export looks fine, and it even contains the file which doesn´t show…

I work on Mac OSX 10.6
2.2 Ghz Intel core i7
8 Gb DDR3 ram

im using animate pro.
no filters, ive been building a room in a 3-d ish scene

Are you using Animate or Animate Pro? Do you have any effects in your scene.


Ah well that’s where you’ll run into trouble. SWF doesn’t carry information about 3D positioning of drawing layers. When we export to SWF, we can try to scale the layers to approximate some 3D transforms, but it won’t be true to your original file.

Since the SWF format is controlled by Flash, there’s nothing that we can do to change the format to include the 3D information.