File won't unzip

I recently download the trial version of harmony. Once I click on the setup I get a error of “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process”. I’ve tried restarting my PC but the error continues.


Please help me with my issue too.

If some process is accessing a file you just downloaded, it is likely your
antivirus software doing so. It’s very strange for this to still be the case
after a reboot unless the same antivirus program placed the file in its

A sandbox is a location on your computer created to quarantine files
from the rest of the system. It is created by antivirus programs for

I got it to work. I just turned off my anti virus and that did the trick.

You can check in the task manager and close a toonboom process in task manager. Then try installing the software again. I hope your problem will get solved.

I tried but I couldn’t find it. I honestly have never had an issue like this before.