file versions and file management?


This question is about file management, and what is the best way to keep everything organized. What I would like to do is create different versions of files (dealing with notes from clients), however I’m not quite sure what is the best way to approach it. When you create a new scene, TB creates a folder hierarchy (that I’m still not entirely sure the purpose of everything in there yet) as well as the actual TB Animate scene file.

I have a scene that I need to do a revision on, but would like to keep my original scene the way it is so I can fall back to it if I had to. I am accustomed to Flash, and if I had to do this revision in that I would just save as a new FLA and give it a different version number. Is it advisable to do the same with TB Animate? Thoughts? Thanks!

I would go save as

hah I know my question sounded silly, and of course “save as” will create a new version of the file. What I did this time around was create a symbol out of my timeline and edited the main time with the revisions.

I guess coming from Flash for so many years I am used to a single contained file, and I’m not used to the folder hierarchy that gets created every time you make a new Animate file. I suppose it’s just something I need to get used to!

Be careful when using “save as” and deleting elements in a newer version that is used by a previous version. If you are making major changes it might be better to just copy the project folder and work on the duplicate of the original project.