file size transforming vs disappearing

So I have this idea, for a 2-3 camera-angle scene, to simply
slide in all the elements for “shot 1” when I want them, then the same
for shot 2 and shot 3.

My question…will this increase the file size alot, or is it no different than
DELETING the elements for ‘shot 2’ and ‘shot 3’ when ‘shot 1’ is on camera? That’s what I’ve done before, and it’s really time consuming.

just moving the element groups around seems alot easier, but I don’t want my filesize to get out of control.




File size wise, if all the elements already exist in the project it should not make the project much bigger if they are all in the camera framing. The only thing you may run into is slowdowns are all those elements need to be kept in memory even though they are not in the camera framing. It will also increase the file size of swf if you export to that format as the swf does not really use the concept of fixed resolution (which explains why you can stretch the player and see stuff that would normally be outside of the camera frame).

Other then that I don’t see this method to be causing any kind of problems.

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Thanks Ugo…that’s a good tip about swf files.

much appreciated!