file size / importing psd files

I made a tv cutoff guideline in photoshop (with a transparent background). It is 180 KB. How come when I import it as a layer, my storyboard file jumps 20MB per panel? An 18 panel test board I was doing jumped from under a MB to 76 MB. Yikes???

don’t know the answer, but you could draw your cut-off in Storyboard and …drag the layer into the library. The pro version has a 3/4 cut-off built into it.

hi–thanks for your reply. I saw the cutoff–however my company has specific cutoffs and vary slightly. I also don’t see the ability to make a shape/stroke a dotted line with curved corners. I suppose I can just make a grey cutoff rectangle on the topmost layer. But still curious about the file size issue.

I also recommend taking the time to trace your custom TV cut-off in SBpro and then save that layer as a template. You can then drag it into each shot. I then duplicate that first panel a bunch of times so all my panels have the cut-off layer before I start roughing out the board. It doesn’t increase the project file size more then any other extra layer with a drawing would. When you have a camera move you’ll need to “convert template to drawing” so you can modify the tv cut-off to match the new camera position. Good luck.

Storyboard Pro use internally uncompressed bitmaps so your issue is probably because you look at the size of a compressed image and then compare it to the one used in SBP. For example if you outputed from Photoshop in jpeg with compression, it will have to be uncompressed when it’s imported in SBP. If you want to have smaller image size in your project you should reduce the resolution in Photoshop instead of doing compression. Even “non-compressed” images like .psd will have some optimization for the size but when brought in SBP it will really uncompress the image, and consider every pixel.