File Size - How to Reduce?

Hello. I have been working on a little cartoon about billiards. I have storyboarded the whole thing, created the characters, etc. and have finished doing the table and all the balls. I have only been using the line, ellipse, rectangle, etc. tools so far (i.e. no brush strokes) to keep the number of points to a minimum as suggested in the manual. After having completed 30 seconds of play on the table, I preview the scene and it takes a very long time to export. My computer also starts to sound like an airplane about to take off. Is this normal? Or does this mean the file is already too heavy?

The scene so far contains no background and no other characters. I want to create those separately and bring them in later. Sound as well. So far the scene is about 500 frames long. Because there are 22 balls on the table, all of which are separate drawing elements and all moving about at the same time, could this be the reason it is so heavy? Ultimately, if the movie is too heavy to export, my efforts will be wasted, so I would rather abandon the project now then start work on all the characters and their animation.

Is there something I should be setting ahead of time to keep the file size less heavy?

If this is all normal, sorry for the dumb questions, but I’m new not only to Toon Boom but to computer-related work in general.

Thanks for your help in advance.


What are your system specs? Having 22 separate elements animating at once with velocities would certainly be processor-intensive, so it may be that your system is struggling to calculate everything during render-time. Also, things like resolution and fps can impact render speed. Your best bet would be to contact support with details regarding your project (perhaps even send the file itself) and see what advice they can offer you.

Hi Jonah, thanks for the reply and advice.

My computer is a brand new macbook, the black one, which I think has
better specs than the white, but I’m not sure.

I will do as you suggest and try sending the file to the support team.
Hopefully they can tell me what to do.



Hello. I’m not sure what Export Format you’re using, but I can tell you from my own experience that exporting as a Flash movie is a lot faster than exporting as a Quick Time Movie. I’ve compared the two results, and to me they both look just as good. But with the Quick Time Movie you get those neat controls, like the Play, Pause and scrubbing buttons. I’m still pretty new to all of this as well, but I’m sure it has to do with smaller RAM power. Basically, what I’m saying is that if you just want to do a quick preview to see how everything is going to look, you might want to export it as a Flash, if you haven’t tried that already. Hope that helps.


I agree with Jonah about the element will reduse the process, even in the preview part. And i agree that its good to think little bit which resulotion and ftp you wanna have in the end before you start the project.
The sound (im not completely sure)… but if you have WAV instead of MP3 i think it takes longer to render it, because wav takes more space then mp3 in MB… so basicly IT SHOULD then also take longer time to render the anim even in the preview or an exported one. I havent made any test into it… maybe the support knows more about it or you can basicly make a test and check it out yourself!

Of course ram and processor… the whole computer is important to have a good one if you wanna do animation like this. I checked… if you have the black Mackbook… then your should have Intel Core 2 Duo - 2.4GHz with 2GB memory. There shouldnt be any problem from my point of view!!!

Hmmm… Dont know which kind of graphic card you are using but maybe its to slow to handle the process…
Check the Preferences/Display in TB… check which settings you have Direct3D or OpenGL? Make a test which one of them that works best. Just clock the time!!!
Then you have also in Qtime some settings about 3D hardware handling… check that out too and see if you can speed it up!

Lastly i agree that Flash is a faster way to export than to Qtime movie, but from my experience you need in the end when you want to see it, a faster and a more powerful computer, than to see a MOV movie(Quicktime movie). Anyway… i wonder if this actually should solve the problem… it feels you just going around it than solving it…

If i where you i would check the sound thing and graphic card settings in TB and Qtime first!

All best!

Note: If you gonna do any tests… it would be quite interesting to know how it went !D

Hey guys, thanks for the advice.

I didn’t have flash player so I downloaded it from the net, but for some
reason when I export and play, I get a message telling me I don’t have the appropriate application to play the SWF file. As seveneyes mentioned though, it exported it very quickly, like in less than two seconds. Where does the flash player go by default, after you’ve downloaded it? I can’t find the icon anywhere in my folders, just the “install Flash player” icon, but by clicking that I just go through the installation process again, no? Seems to send me in that direction.

Marq, my macbook says I have 4GB of open disc space, and seeing as it’s a brand new model and I bought it only several months ago specifically because I heard macs were better for animation (in fact at the time, I thought Toon Boom was only available for the mac), it would be somewhat ironic if it turned out the computer was the problem. Especially as this is the very first animation project I’ve set out on. Most of your suggestions are bit beyond my comprehension though; sorry. I will check those Direct3D and OpenGL settings as recommended, though I don’t know what any of that means. Thanks all the same. I went through all the Quicktime settings, and there are a number of things that, who knows, might make a difference; but as it’s all in techno-speak I don’t know what it means. Sorry, kinda hard I guess to give useful advice to someone who takes three hours to find a menu bar.

Anyway, if I send the file to Toon Boom for them to check, do I need to purchase that support package for 50 dollars? Or is there a specific address you can send your videos to for a free lookover by their experts? It might be the best way.




To begin with i dont have one and i have never had one Mac before… so to be honest i dont have so much experience about it, but i think pc and mac should be quite similar about this area.

on a pc… when you install Flash player you will only install some drivers for viewing through the browser. You will not get provided with a program like Qtime player, which you can open and work with. So basicly i suppose that pc have the same settings as mac and that you can only see the flash movies through your browser. If you are unsure if the flash drivers are installed just go back to Adobe’s homepage and check and see if the page complain.

From a pc point…i can give here a small guide where you can find the settings i said before… “Edit/Preferences…” a new window opens and then you choose “Display” and there you have a dropdown which you can choose between Direct3D and OpenGL. And you have other settings to choose with rendering options.

The differents between Direct3D and OpenGL with a “simply” explanation is that Direct3D are rendering via you graphic card and OpenGL via your processor you have in your mac… if you dont have one special OpenGL graphic card, of course! Sometimes its good to check and see which of them who can provide the best performans for the rendering.

Something strikes me here and now… there is one part when you export a Qtime mov is to change the sound to a lower setting. 8bits with mono and the frequency aprox 22000kHz! You can always make some test on that!
By lowering the sound you can save “very much” time on rendering.

You have on the top of the page “Contact us”… choose “Toon Boom Studio Support:”.
Normaly there are always some administrator here on the Forum how helps out quite quick. You can wait some more and see if the will say anything or contact them through the email. Your choice!

One small question… Which compression did you use when it took long time to export in the begining?


Just an update on my situation.

Seems, going through many posts on here, that newer versions of Quicktime are causing problems, and even when it works it takes a while.

My problem, ironically enough, was that my drawings were all done in pencil, ellipse, line, etc., which according to Ugo cause too many calculations in animating and are too much of a burden on the processor. Switching drawings to brush solved the problem.

Trouble is, now I have another problem. Created a 38-drawing sequence of a player approaching the table. Again, all in pencil but in a totally different file. Went to another drawing element to create “heads” for different players, and suddenly Toon Boom isn’t letting me select certain cells, whether in the new “heads” drawing or in the original sequence drawing (or anywhere else for that matter). Have it saved as a template, so tried again in a new file, and same problem. It simply won’t let me select every second or third cell, and after a while, I get the little rainbow spinny of death (the bane of all mac users) and my computer starts revving up again. Takes ages for it to stop. I’ve tried converting the cell drawings I CAN select to brush, but I still can’t select the other cells. For some reason, I WAS able to select all the cells briefly, so I immediately converted them to brush, but when I played the sequence Toon Boom had inexplicably erased two cells. When I tried putting them back in, suddenly the original problem came back again: i.e. can’t select certain cells. Those cells that were erased were cells that existed earlier in the sequence (just repeated) so I don’t think they themselves are causing the problem.

Anyone know what this is and how to fix it?