file saving

Can I get some help with the file-save function? Is there something like “save as” or an option to copy a project with another file-name or project-name?Thanks,HRMaybe I need to add that I’m “working” with Pencil Check Pro, yes…

Thank you, Lilly!.. well my “about”-version says: 7.4.0 (4620) (2008-05-23 15:10:12)Looks like I’m not only old, but also hooked up with a medieval version?HR

Sorry, I’m a “newbie” as you know, and I’m not familiar with chat rooms. Forgive me if I’m not behaving correctly. I’m willing to learn. However, I am still confused: Is my PCP build really too old? Do I need to do something to get a newer version? Thanks for considering my questions.HR

Thank you very much.HR

Which build of PCP are you using? You can find this in the About menu. If you’re on 5217, which is the current build that’s available in your user account, then there’s an option Save and Copy.


All you have to do is log into your user account, go to registered products, and download the newer build. It is the only one that will show up in your user account. When you download it, uninstall the current build of PCP, then install the new one.

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