File path invalid! why?

Whenever i try to export to pdf it says file path invalid. I have tried saving the name without space and with spacing. I have tried saving in several diff locations. I have restarted the software and restarted my system! Why is this happeninv? I need help please! If anyone is out there, please answer me!

Can you create screen captures of each step? It might reveal something you would not be aware of to include in your description.|Chapter%2013%3A%20Exporting%20Your%20Storyboard|_____1

Does your user have the rights to read/write/edit the location you are trying to export to?

Are you using the browser to specify or typing a file path?
If you’re typing a file path, does the target folder exist?

Also make sure to use the proper case-sensitivity when specifying the path.

Does either the project’s title or any folder in its path have any tilde or character of that sort?

I’ve had some problems with the program because I had a “á” in one of the folders a few levels up the project’s path, so it may have something to do with this. I’d try moving it into a different folder.