File not being read


After moving my toon boom animate files to another computer, toon boom does not read my library. How can i get it to identify the symbols from my library?

Any help appreciated!

You probably mean the templates because the symbols are within each scene but the templates reside in the Library folders.

If that is the case then you would have to copy your library from the first machine unto the second machine or if you have your network properly setup, point your library to the other machine’s. You can find where the library is by hovering over the library folder. For example my Animate Pro library says C:\Documents and Settings\Steven\My Documents\Toon Boom Animate Pro Library.

We actually copied the files to the second machine to that same file directory and we still didn’t see the template after we copied them.

You copied the whole tpl folder into C:\Users\smasson\Documents\Toon Boom Animate Library for example?

You are using the same version of the software on both right? Not a trial?

Do the folder.tpl has the right share permissions?

If you go inside the copied over folder.tpl and double click on the .digital file does it open in Animate?

How to get confirmed that the folder.tpl has the right share permissions or not?

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On Windows you can right-click the folder and see if its Read Only or not. You can check the Share and Security permissions in there also.

On Mac you can right-click> Get Info > check a the bottom Share and Permissions if it’s Read/Write for everyone or you can go in a shell if you know a bit of unix commands.

Thanks, will look into these!


We actually verified each of those and it did not yield anything.

Is there any way to directly link a template to a layer? The files are all there, it’s just that we can’t get the layers to associate themselves with the templates.


Not sure what you mean by linking the Template to the layers because normally they are together.

Can you see the tpl in the Library at all?
Do you see the Animate Library folder in the Library View?
Do you have special characters in the path to the Toon Boom Animate Library like “é” or other non english characters? This might be something.

You didn’t confirm that you are using the same version of the software, are you on both machines?

Can you make a screengrab of what you see in the Library?

When you copied the library onto the second computer, did you open the application and then do an Open Library in the left side of the library and browse to the folder where the templates are stored?