File isnt loading?

My computer was glitching because I was running too many things so I closed harmony and restarted and when I try and open the file I was working on an error comes up and nothing is there. Is my file completely corrupted or is there a way to fix this? Please help.
Here is a screenshot of the error

I don’t know if this is important but my computer runs on Windows 10.

Edit: I fixed it using a guide I found but there is still an error popping up. It doesn’t do anything and all my animation is still there but I’m concerned it might effect something in the future.

What do you mean when you say “it doesn’t do anything” ???

If you have been able to recover everything and are only concerned that this error could cause a problem later all I can think of is that you can completely start over, rebuild a project using objects from this project or take a risk and move forward using this file.

Are you saving your projects as you work?

Check inside the project folder to see whether there is a file with the name identical to your project file except it contains a tilda ~ …this would be a backup. If one exists do not try to open it. First move the main project file (the one without the tilda ~) to a folder named something like “Safe” then make a copy of the file that has the tilda ~ then move the original file with the tilda to the “Safe” folder then rename the copied tilda containing file with the name as it was on the original main working file. What you should end up with are the two original files (1. the original main working project file 2. the original backup file which had the tilda~) safely stashed away in the “Safe” folder and then the copy of the backup file renamed to match the original main working project file. After verifying that this is what you have done try to open the copy that has been renamed to match the original main working project file. It may open without errors. You will never know unless you experiment. Just do so taking precautions to protect the original files. You can always make additional copies from the originals and use them to experiment with.