File/Import SWF is greyed out

I’ve been trying to test out the “Toon Boom Animate Launch Tour Exclusive Full Access Trial” I procured from the Toon Boom party in NYC last Friday.

The “File/import/SWF, Illustrator into Library” is grayed out, as well as “File/import/Model”. I can’t use those menu commands.

What am I doing wrong here? Does this trial version not have this feature? Or am I just not in the right window to do this at?

For importing material into the Library it is best to have a custom library folder created first. Then make sure there is no lock icon on the folder - if there is then right-click to get the “Right To Modify”.

If this is not how you are importing - please indicate the exact steps you are following and precisely what you are trying to import and for what purpose.