File Extension Problems in TBS v. 4.5

I’m really having trouble going between Mac and PC in Toon Boom. Why does the Mac version save to a different file extension than the PC version? The Mac version saves my projects as “.tbpd” and the PC version saves as “.tbp.” It seems that I can transfer from Mac to PC but not PC to Mac… I think. When I save a project Toon Boom doesn’t even give me the choice of file extensions to choose from. I don’t understand why there are two different file extensions at all. I’m just glad that I’ve got Boot Camp with Win XP on my iMac, otherwise I would have to make the trip to school and hope there’s an open PC for me to work on when I get there. We use the PC version at school and I want to continue to work on my animation homework at home on my Mac, and then take it back to school on the PCs. Is that too much to ask?

Is anyone else having this problem? If so, please let me know. It’s really inconvenient.


Basically, Mac by default saves to tbpd but the tbpd is only a package that points out to the tbp that is inside so the saving scheme is exactly the same between windows and mac, its only that Mac has the added feature of packaging the project. You can see the same file structure then the PC one on Mac by doing a Cntrl+click on the tbpd file and do a Show Package Content.

In any case, on both Mac and PC you should be able to open a project directly from the tbp file. When you do bring a tbpd file on a Windows machine Windows will automatically convert it to a folder so you will have a standard format folder with a tbp in there.

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Thank you for the help. I wonder if I was also having a simple glitch with my USB stick. I had to mess around with it and eventually I was able to get things going, but your advice also helped a lot. Much appreciated. Now I can finish my perspective walk cycle and start the next project.

i try to open my file on my pc useing toon boom 7 but im geting a error E1023 that my file .tbp is not a supported version , how do i fix that