File Corruption 8.1.0 (Build 4108)

Historyboard just decided one morning to refuse opening my project file with the Windows error msg :Instruction at “0x01a30160” reference memory at “0xffffffff” .The memory couuld not be read. Click OK to terminate program.After looking into the .sboard project file I could manage to make it load again…but loosing several Shots and Panels…At first i thought that some of the scenes subdirectories were corrupted, but pasting the missing shots and panels code into a new .sboard project file allowed me to recover them (though not all of them)Is this a known issue? Now I don’t feel confident anymore using Storyboard Pro…fearing it’s not reliable. Seems to me that for some reason, storyboard gets entangled in its own save file and creates some overlap or mislink while saving the project file.L.

Hi ArtBox,Could you let us know what is your system configuration (computer, OS, Gfx card,…)Then are you able to provide us your storyboard project which have the above describe issue?Best,Sebastien Miglio

I just experienced The Same Exact Problem :frowning: But Worst! - I Can’t even open it at all!I have Windows XP - NVIDIA 8800 - 4GB Ram - 500GB HD.Will I be able to retrieve what i worked on?Thanks!

I think I’ve figured out what the problem is now on mine - I’m not sure but I’ve tried it so many times and it gave me the same result. It gives me the (The instruction at “0x01bc54f2” referenced memory at “0xbc208001”. The memory could not be “written”.) EVERY time i try to open File that have more than 30 panels in it. I’m not sure if it’s a memory issue, but i do have 4GB of RAM though. I hope that’s not the case - And It’s not because it’s a DEMO right, cause it’s a fully functional demo.Please Reply ASAP, I have a storyboard freelance coming on Monday and I’m really considering on buying this program, if not ill go back to Flash.Thanks!

Hi,Actually the Demo version of Storyboard is limited to 30 panels. This being said I am not quite sure why you are getting this error message when try to exceed, it should simply say that you cannot get it done.Regards,Ugo