*figured she posted in the wrong section before* Importing Issues

I’ve created a “puppet” for animation in my ToonBoom.

PSD file with multiple layers.

Problem is I have Photoshop Elements 6, which doesn’t group layers…

Is there a way to import the picture without only getting one layer to actually go through?

As it says, every time I try to import my multilayer picture, it imports only the top layer

If you already cut your character apart in Photoshop Elements 6,and have moved all parts onto their own layer…Either Option/alt click every single layer and Save As… Or hide manually all other layers, except the one you Save As…Then import those saved image-files into Animate 2…File / Import / Images / check Create Layers Based on Filenames…Select all your saved and named images and click OK…(if you like check Vectorize Imported Items)All images will appear on their own separate and named layer…RegardsNolanPS:You might like and check this plugin out (haven’t done it myself yet),apparently it lets you create “layer-groups” in Elements 6…http://simplephotoshop.com/elementsplus/en_US/group.htm

thanks for helping me out!I’ll be sure to post again if it works or not :slight_smile: