Figure out what pencil settings I used?

I’m helping out a student who created a drawing with the perfect pencil line that she loved, but she didn’t save a brush preset. She’s tried recreating the line with trial and error and can’t figure out the tool settings she used. I tried just selecting the line to see if I could figure out the settings, but that didn’t seem to work. Is there some way to figure this out? Am I using the wrong selection tool?

So! Here’s some more information. On a couple of other machines - one running Harmony 14 Premium and one running Harmony 12 Premium, I did some pencil drawings with different widths and found that I could select the lines, and scroll down in the Tool Properties pane to see a “Pencil Selection” section with all the details like line width and texture. This section did not appear in the student’s project for some reason, even using the same selection tool, and even checking the Drawing view versus the Camera view…

Any ideas?

Try this:

(First make sure you have the expanded Pencil Properties window open “Show Extended Properties” accessed by clicking on the triangle/arrowhead on the right of the stroke representation in Tool Properties while the Pencil Tool is activated.).

  1. Using the Select Tool select the drawn line.
  2. While the line is selected, switch to the Pencil Tool.

The line should remain highlighted but it will change from the box to a highlight that follows the shape of the line.

In this secondary state you should be able to view the details of the customized brush.

Write down the information then create a custom brush using those specs. Have the student try the line to see whether or not it feels like the original line they are trying to recreate.

Hello, I have a similar issue trying to get the pencil line settings from an existing rig. I tried the method Ampy listed above but it the information in the Pencil Priorities window didn’t show matching size settings, nor the matching texture.

Working in '17 for this. Any Ideas?

Thanks a lot for information