1_I would like to know if we can have several 12 fields, horizontal, vertical or diagonal on the same panel, it happens many times for camera movements and I don’t kwow how to indicate it on the board.2_ I am practicing on the trial version and I can’t show the grid ! WHY ??? ??? ??? ???

Hi,I am not quite sure what you mean by having multiple 12 fields but from what I understand you want to have specific 12 fields grids to each of your layers. If that is the case this is currently the case, if you use motion on the layers you will notice that the grid will move along with the element. This being said I am not quite sure I understand completely.As for the grid that don’t show us they should be working with the trial as well. To show it you will need to go in View>Grid>Show Grid. If that does not work let us know.Best regards,Ugo

sorry !Sometimes , in traditional animation you might have camera movements with several 12 F, usualy, in traditional board drawing you elarge your panels to have all these fields. THat’s why I am asking what to do in this case because we must have all the fields informations very precise on the board. ::slight_smile: May be I am still nor clear ;D

Hi,Still not 100% sure but do you mean a pan? In that case I guess what you could do is to have a 12 field grid as a template that you fit to the scene grid and then duplicate the same field guide and make it match the first one (with an offset) so you can do your Pan.Regards,Ugo