field flowers

hi all -

I have a scene that will require a field of flowers. As the camera will be panning across the field from a medium distance then zoom in up close, there is a need to have the entire view covered with an assortment of flowers… what i am finding is that duplicating the different flowers, my system winds down to a crawl … i have tried the K option (view strokes), then flattening each flower with the hope of minimizing the load, but to no avail… anyone have a suggestion or method to do this so it doesn’t put a load on the system? i am using tb4.5 on a mac … I thought about creating the scene in photoshop then bringing it in as a bitmap, but I am thinking it might be too ragged looking… thanks, dan

Hello Dan.
Probe to do this. Draw some flowers on top layer, then control click on the timeline item name, clone and place it in different areas, and sizes, (this does not increase memory usage), select the timeline all the elements and create a template in the local library, make then a media element (being a link does not increase memory), you can clone the media element several times keyframing sucessive positions and extending the drawing, then, unify the media elements with a peg, and move them using this peg. Be careful: If you change something in the original design, changes in all clones. This should require a minimum memory. I hope that be helpful. Yoryo