Few questions about bitmap art surroundings

Hi. I have few questions about brushes in bitmap art:

  • Is it possible to display contour of my brush instead of that cross cursor? I’d like to have graphical presentation of brush size, so i could know where it ends without trying it out. Also does maximum size of the brush must be 500? Can’t be larger?

  • How can i have an alpha brush?

  • Is it possible to join two drawings into one?

  • how can i quickly duplicate layers in node view?

Hi slawek382,

  1. Yes. Under the Drawing tab of the Preferences, check the Brush Size Cursor option. And yes, the maximum size of a brush is 500.

  2. You can change the opacity of your colour, either vector or bitmap, by adjusting it in the Colour view. Double-click on a vector swatch and change the alpha value; Change the Opacity value for bitmap colours.

  3. What do you mean by joining them together, and are these drawings on the same layer or individual ones?

  4. Select it, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+B. This will open a Paste Special window with a lot of options, but don’t worry about all of them. The important step here is to check the Create New Columns option, located at the bottom of the window. This option assures you that the new layer is completely independent from its original copy.

  1. Thanks. It helped. But is there a possibility to remain cursor be visible while holding LMB? Seems like a detail, but I get used to it after Gimp.

  2. Solved

  3. I mean merging few layers into one.

  4. Solved

Another questions:

  1. While i’m using eraser, there’s a grey paint appearing first, then after release LMB modifications occur. Is it possible to see modifications in real time? It especially bugs me when i’m working in camera view with 2 layers, one underneath the other. To see how much i revealed the bottom one i must be releasing LMB instantly. Is there any cure?

  2. Something strange i discovered.
    When i add new toolbars to workspace everything seems to be fine and workspace’s state saves to the next launch of the program. But after next launch and implementing some minor changes to a worskpace like simply changing brush size and then closing the program EVERYTHING vanishes after next launch. I mean this early toolbar. What’s up? Can’t everything be saved?

Hi slawek382,

  1. It seems I am not getting the same result as you are since, when I hold LMB or trackpad or pen pressure, I see the size cursor of my Brush. Could you attach an image of the problem you are describing?

  2. Yes. In the Timeline, select the layers you want to merge. Right-click and click on Merge Selected Layers.

  3. If it is a feature you would like, I suggest you to post about it in the Feature Request Forum.

  4. Is it a recurrent problem? It is not one I have been able to reproduce. Could you contact support@toonboom.com about this issue.

  1. I mean that brush’s contour disappears when painting is taking place. It bugs me especially when i’m using soft brush:


I’d like to have certainty that i’m not painting anything beyond contour, you know. If brush is really transparent and irregular i don’t really have that certainty where i’m painting. So it’d be helpful if brush’s contour doesn’t disappear during an action.