few basic questions about story boarding !

->what exactly is the story boarding?
->what are its advantages?
->what is a proper way of making story boarding …as we have now story boarding softwares like toon boom story boarding maker but same time many peoples are doing same job just with paper pencil …
->Is it not good approach to begin your animation project by animation …only animator should pocess the certain idea about his project in his mind …
→ whos job of making story boarding animator or cartoonist/sketcher ?

i think these are enough ;D


I suggest you read this article We Don’t Need No Stink’n Storyboards. This will give you some insight.

As to producing storyboards and animatics, TBS is a great tool in and of itself. The new Storyboard product is more focused toward larger studios and as a tool for non-animators. But TBS users can make and develop their boards inside TBS and do the same things. If you have additional questions as usual just keep asking them here.-JK

thank u so much for JK , very nice article ! ;D