Feedback: Please improve/ update the video tutorials!

I’m not the best of animators, more so of an intermediate. Also I am more of frame by frame animator, rather then that of a Cut-out animator. As soon as I get, Toon Boom Animate 2 trial version I will start making tutorials. Maybe earn enough to buy it :smiley:

I wonder how he handles composing his animation for long animation projects 5-10 min long. Does he have like 100 animate files for each scene and compile them in an outside program? Ill ask him. Hmm. But If you wanted to keep the entire movie vector you’d have to save each scene as a swf and import them into flash’s scene manager one scene at a time right?

You know, I stumbled on these Animate Tuts from Mark Mason, which I had never seen before.

They go into a little a little more detail than the Quick start videos but they use the un-popular Limpa as the puppet.

Worth taking a look if you haven’t seen them. The first one is short but the rest of them are actually pretty good, so is the quality.

TB should definitely replace the quickstart vids with these. I wonder why they never never mentioned these.

Nice tutorials, but as mentioned - Lipais a terrible model.

I can’t wait for the day we get to see cutout puppet tutorials of a human character… not a monster, not a dragon or a rabbit. I would to see human IK and joints. An example being “Grossology”…

Lets hope the new ones from Toon Boom have a better model for the cutout tutorials.

he said he uses quicktime pro to assemble his footage, but has to use flash if he wants to keep all the scenes swf. Might be useful for someone. I know it was for me.

Yeah I know, there are things that he does like, “now I will add a morph to the mouth drawings” I’m like wait HTF did you do that? LOL.

I agree with the Limpa character. I think Limpa is a nice character, but not good to learn from him. All in all I am so eager to learn alot of the stuff that Animate has to offer, there is so much, and right now it’s like I don’t know what I don’t know. Must remain patient.

Another thing, you guys think TB is holding off on the release of Animate2 until Adobe releases flash CS5? I think it’s April 14th.

i have no idea the names of any of these characters lol I thought there were tutorials for humans already? There isnt? I only used puppet animation for 2 of my scenes so far, and I doubt I was doing the right thing.

Flash will be great, but not because of animation because windows users can make iphone apps now. Photoshop will be great too because they are finally focusing on improving their painting system. Good for making background for animation : ) But i doubt Toonboom is waiting on Adobe, they are probably just perfecting their software. I hope they make it so you can open TBS files soon though. Got a bunch of TBS scenes I want to transfer to Animate. But yeah alot of good software coming out soon from all over the place. Cant wait to see what Animate Pro 2 has up it’s sleeve.

I thought I had the whole puppet thing nailed, but from seeing those videos, the setup of the timeline, the process used to get there, the icons on frames, ect, ect, ect. looks nothing like mine.

Hmmm, I wonder if it’s me or him whos doing it wrong? ::slight_smile:

Please make the video tutorials more fast-paced. A little more brevity would be appreciated, the time it takes the speaker to overview the simplest of things is killing me. Thanks

Have the speaker use fewer words, be better prepared to communicate her intent without any umms & pauses, and increase the playback speed of the video recordings please

I believe the video tutorials are great , and really helpful . But i totally agreed with the kick-start videos and the documentation , I always like the Digital pro ones, they were detailed and really good , those helped me a lot to understand Digital pro while there was no Tutorials on net .
I would love to learn how the rigging and animation for grossology , i heard they used combination of traditional and cut-out style , and the they didn’t breakdown the arm into three upper-arm lowe-arm, hand, but they left they whole arm ,legs and they separate the hands and feet .
I want to know what type of animation will be good for this type of rigging .
stop motion or motion key frame .
Thank you .

I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. These tutorials are being made for both people new to Animate and animation in general as well as experienced artists that are just new to the software. If the instructor starts going at the speed of light that’s when details get missed and and things become unclear. You can always fast forward the recording to gloss over something you already know.

Thank you Toon Boom team for releasing these awesome tutorials for free. Many other products would have either sold a DVD or left it for other companies / individuals to create. The gesture is much appreciated as you’re saving me a bit of money (grins).

I have to agree with tony. I think the tutorials are great just the way they are. I appreciate the taking the time to explain everything thoroughly without rushing through it. The kickstart videos tended to leave out details and people trying to follow along often had difficulty with them.

Perhaps they could use some minor editing to remove occasional spots where nothing much seems to be happening, but then again, I enjoy the feel of watching an experienced person working “real-time” in Animate.

I do like the rigging video tutorial. However it makes trying to find a specific part or solution very difficult. I seem to be stuck with the crosses on my rig; the ‘x’ mark at the joints, I was wishing there was a written documentation on how to make these disappear when I am exporting video.

Hi Yasha,

To get the crosses to disappear, just make the colour pot with which you painted them transparent. It should do the trick.



Thank you everyone for your feedback.
Rest assure that Toon Boom is listening.

We will see how we can integrate some of that Digital Pro feel in the next Animate and Animate Pro documentation.

I will pass your comments to the proper teams and see what can be done to improve even more what is available to the community.

Have a great day!