Feedback on Macv2.5 trial

Hello all,

Before downloading the TBS Mac v2.5 trial, I spent lots of time reading thru this site and some tutorial off-site. I was eager learn what the software could do, and eager to hear honest feedback from users about the product. So with that mind, I thought I’d post my 2 cents below after only a couple of days using the software.

Basically, my initial feeling is that the software does what it claims to. My feeling is that ultimately the quality of the work one can produce with this software is primarily determined by one’s own creativity and effort, not by the software itself. Of course, this is perhaps true of many creative pursuits and their tools.

I had no problems installing the software, despite the fact that I am using Mac OS X 10.2.8 Jaguar (TB recommends Panther). After installing, I did the 7 tutorials, which were all relatively straightforward & quick. I had been scared off earlier by all the postings about the software crashing. So I was worried about crashing, especially since I am using Jaguar and only have 256MB of RAM (TB recommends 512MB). Luckily, that hasn’t been a problem at all. (However, I do intend to crank up my RAM once I start working on a full-length toon.)

So far, I’m very happy with the software, and almost certainly going to buy it. I’m finding it easy to learn; perhaps because, before downloading it, I read thru this site and watched Steve Ryan’s tutorials (thanks). And with any software, it probably also helps to have a few years of general computer literacy under your belt (I am a software architect by day).

My particular favorite features so far are the Scene Planning mode and the Lip Sync. Scene Planning is exactly what I was hoping for, because I want to make toons with a “filmic” or cinematic feel. Lip Sync seems like a nice time-saver. My hunch is that it is not perfect, but is probably not intended to be. Rather, it’s a useful tool for getting started on the vocals. The Lip Sync’s results can always be tweaked, so for me, they provide a good initial guide.

So, in conclusion, for any lurkers out there who are considering getting the TBS v2.5 for Mac, I would recommend downloading the trial.

Hope this helps.
G Man

I would recommend TBS v. 2.5 for Mac OSX users, because I have not had a crash problem since loading the newest TBS Mac version and the newest version of Panther. It really is a great program. I’ve done some complaining in the past but that is all resolved.

Neon E