Feature subtraction - timeline zooming

Sorry if I’m alone with this but I would love to see the zooming timeline feature disappear. I feel like I’m trying to zoom in or out on the stage every time I’m working with the timeline - drives me crazy. If it’s an important and beloved feature (by everybody else) how about adding a zooming button or slider onto the timeline instead. Or what about making it an option in preferences that you could turn off - that’s what I’d prefer! It’s a small thing and it hasn’t caused me to throw my monitor out the window, but since you asked…

Chris, I agree with you. It would be great if I could “shift+click” on the timeline and keep the focus where it was before.

The timeline zoom is one of the things that pushed me to memorize the keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts reduce the number of clicks that I have to make outside of my drawing. That cuts down on the number of accidental changes elsewhere.

I agree with this… currently it’s very frustrating when you are in the timeline working and you go to zoom in the camera view and it zooms the timeline! I think turning off the hotkey zoom for the timeline and adding a slider for it would be the way to go.

I vote for this one too!

Count also my vote! :wink:

It’s not just me! I feel better now.

One thing you could do that might help with this is to turn on the preference “Focus on Mouse Enter” (General Tab). This way, all you have to do it mouse-over the camera view before you zoom, and it will zoom the camera view instead of the timeline.

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