Feature Requests Forum for Harmony Please

Hi guys, the only Feature Requests Forum available to post in is under Animate. I just barely posted 3 feature requests under there. I hope you will still look at it even though it is not posted here in the Harmony area. Thank you.


I’m going to use this thread for a few feature requests of my own!

  1. Please let me set the default type of composite you drag in from the network library. Please please please. I’ve used a bitmap composite about ten times in nearly three years of harmony, passthrough all the way.

  2. Please let me drag a composite into a cable. Not into more than one, I see how that has the potential to create a mess, but one. I get that there aren’t any ports on the top by default, but still. It doesn’t make sense that you can’t alt-drag it in.

  3. If I’ve re-named something the same name as something else in the scene (iCutter_1, I’m looking at you), please keep the name I typed, just tell me it won’t work. I will change the number, and not need to re-type everything. This is how you get modules called ‘iCutter_1823786423867324867324’, and that doesn’t help anyone.

  4. Let us save longer filenames. 25 characters is just too short. Sure, that seems like a lot, until it’s ‘ep102_sc307_Marg_rig-Dancing’. Sometimes you need to specify episode and scene number, character name, what the file is (rig, design, anim, whatever), and sometimes you need to add a little more information. Many studios have a system that lets you have long names, and then can find whatever shorter version they had to save for harmony, but if you don’t have that, it can get really annoying.

  5. Put the module library tabs back on the top, or give me the option to move them. They take up too much space, now I can only get two rows of icons in that window instead of three. I have to click ‘favourites’ every time I open a scene, and then have to close that window. Also can I please delete categories? I use ‘all’, the studio specific one, and ‘favourites’. I don’t want any of the others, and it’s frustrating having to click or scroll past them.


  1. Find and replace needs to be default, stock harmony. I change ‘Nea’ to ‘Fa’ all the time, and I don’t want to do that one by one.

  2. Copy and paste pivot needs to be stock.

8 ) Focus on mouse enter by default, TURN OFF animate using animation tools by default, enable overlay and underlay by default, have ‘shortcut zooms on mouse’ enabled. I change these settings immediately when I’m helping someone in Harmony, even if they’re not going to be creating many modules. No animation on the drawing, ever.

  1. Why does my control+R in the network bring up a window now, in Harmony 12? Sure, it has nifty features (I guess?) but I just want to quickly make a drawing module. If I wanted the fanciness, I’d use control+shift+R or something. Having to remember to hit ‘enter’ when I’m really not used to that is frustrating. And I shouldn’t have to?

That’s all I can think of, off the top of my head. I was using Harmony 10 before, so that’s where some of these pains are coming from. Things worked differently in my day~

Found another one: I’d like to be able to have a shortcut to protect colours. I protect them all the time, and having to right click and find ‘protect’ slows me down. Also if you hit control+a to select all the colours in the palette are selected, and the only way to DE-select all of them is to switch palettes, then switch back. Then right click and protect.

I’d love rulers, similar to flash/illustrator.

Also the ability to snap a pivot to the exact centre of an object.

harmony needs a better audio editor