As a track reader, fairly new to Harmony (v9.2), the one thing I’ve noticed is this. When using voice recognition software to enter the dialog characters, the annotation column automatically justifies all entries to the left of the column. This is frustrating the daylights out of the lip assigners that follow me in the production process. It also makes follow-up review (checking for obvious mistakes), a tedious process at best.

Can the programers implement way to center justify the data entered into the annotations columns? With traditional x-sheets, we always write to the center of the column and a digital x-sheet that allows this same editing convention would be extremely beneficial. We’re moving away from any hand written lines, etc. and we need to have better functionality within the columns to make this a more seamless transition away from handwritten digital scrawl.

Additionally, can keyboard shortcuts be assigned to the tool icons at the top of each annotation column? This would enable the assigning of a ShuttlePro button to switch between the tools, on the off chance we do need to switch away from the “black arrow” mode, into the “pencil drawing” mode.

Thank you!