Feature request

Would it be possible to add a button that could set the duration of a hold from the insertion point of the timeline to the beginning or end? If you wanted to set “Hold start”, you would scrub to the point you wanted the hold to end and click the button.

Under the [Panel] tab, select the [Selected Layer] tab, which has options to set the [Hold Start] and [Hold Stop] position

> Use the {first frame transform} tool, place the layer in the desired start position, then next to [Hold Start] tab, enter the desired hold time amount.
> use the {last frame transform} tool, place the layer at the desired end position, then next to [Hold End], enter the desired hold time amount.

Under [Selected Layer], you will also find {Ease In} and {Ease Out} options to set the entry and exit speed of layer movement -romi

Thanks, I just think it would be easier to scrub to the frame I want the layers or camera to stop at and set the hold there, instead of having to set the time amount numerically. I’m often scaling the timeline up and down, so it’s not always easy to judge how many frames to hold.

I have found the TV cutoff is useful to judge were the camera is at a certain frame, but it would be great to be able to change the hold time without guessing in the number field or repeatedly clicking the little arrow.

another feature request**

-it would be great if Storyboard Pro was scriptable in the sense that one could run a script that would flatten the drawings on each layer for the entire project file (or selected scenes).