feature request: upgraded Quadmap controls

So teh Quadmap is pretty handy, however it lacks a two things that, unless I am missing, can make it even better.

By default, the QM controls are generally too far apart from a desired position. So you have to edit the Source Points, and you can do this by holding down Ctrl and clicking/dragging. Great! However, once you let go, the artwork pulls out undesirably because its stretching to the default Destination Points. So then you have to make those points match up by manually inputting the coordinates. Its a drag, because in most situations these values can be nutty.

It would be great if there was some button to automatically copy Source Points to the Destination Points so that one could easy set up the QM to a desired position.

Second, you generally want to push the QM around with said artwork. Attaching a peg to it does the trick however it leaves the Control Points behind. True, it still FUNCTIONS the same but it does not behave as it should (like how the Mesh Warp works). This is nit-picky, but its this type of stuff that helps smooth out the interface.