Feature request Storyboard pro

Hi there,

Some stuff that would be great if integrated in the new Storyboard pro update:

  • Edit movieclips! Or at least onion skin a movie layer so you can trace footage from a movie clip?

  • When you work on different projects it’s annoying that TB SPpro always remembers the last directory you exported your movie to instead of saving your your export destinations per project? For example when I work on project BEAST I like to export my project to the beast folder but when I work on project ANIMAL later on, I get folder BEAST as my export folder instead of folder Animal.

  • The perspective tool is great but when the drawing is a bit more complicated it takes hours for SB PRO to calculate and most of the time it even crashes. Also, a distort function would be really handy to get more control.

  • It would be great if there was a function to make a colored drawing turn black and white. I know you can import a drawing and turn it black and white but sometimes you need to convert a drawing on a layer to black and white as well.

  • There is an error in SB PRO that has been around for the last few versions. Sometimes when you split a panel you get a blank frame and you need to restart. Would be great if it got sorted out

  • Of course we’d all love to have a tiny photoshop inside storyboard pro so if blending modes would be integrated I would even dump my photoshop!

  • Motion blur is a great addition but instead of typing in x and y axis parameters it would be even better to get a tiny preview of what your drawing will look like?

That’s it for now

I hope someone is listening :slight_smile:

All the best