FEATURE REQUEST: Permanent Selection + Finer control over Paste Location

Hi! The following features as far as I’m aware are not currently available in SBPro 20 or any other previous versions, as far as I’m aware:

(If they are, I’d love it if someone could let me know!)

  1. Maintain Permanent Selection. This feature is available in TB Harmony, whereby you draw a selection on the canvas, and even when you change layers, the selection stays there until you cancel it. Would love it if this could be implemented in SBPro as well! It would be a huge QOL increase!

  2. Finer control over where copied items are pasted on the canvas. Currently items paste by default more or less in the same area you copied them from, albeit off by a few pixels. The option to “Paste in place” (ie, have the copied item paste EXACTLY where it was copied from, without being off by a few pixels), and also the option to “Paste where I click” (instead of paste → manual drag across the canvas) would be really handy for speeding up workflows!

Considering this is an industry standard program in an industry that is dependent on the people using the program to work fast and therefore use select/copy/paste a lot to save time, it’s astonishing that these features aren’t already standard. Hoping we can see these in a version update soon!