Feature Request - Page flip

In traditional animation you constantly flip the paper to get an illusion of movement when drawing. I would like something like this so I could press a button and roll through my drawings always returning to the one I was working on. Always having to manually go back and find the frame I’m working on really destroys the animation flow.
Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

hmm not sure but cant u just do that by just scrubbing through the timeline?

I personally wish for ability to have a scene manager

and open toonboom studio files

No I’m looking for something with much more feedback and that doesn’t mean I have to use the stylus. 1 key to roll and flip the drawings while I’m drawing so I don’t have to destroy the flow.

For a scene manager the quickly solution IMO is just to add folders (like you have in photoshop) so we can add some organisation to the scene ourselves.

Then you can just like throw the background elements in one folder. Close it and not worry about seeing all those elements you will rarely touch.

That one simple upgrade would make things so much less messy.

I would also love the option for toonboom to remember which layers are locked when you reload. I get sick of using the shortcut to autolock all layers when I open a file.

Thank you for your feedback. I will pass the requests along.

Toon Boom Support

You should go there and check out the Tradigital video. They show the flipping action I think ur talking about. It’s like a feature built inside animate