Feature request - page flip.

Well I’ve programmed my Wacom Mouse to be buttons from frame forward and frame back. So far so good (actually I did this because using the mouse to scroll through frames often results in moving one of the frames) What I am trying to do is to mimic the paper and pencil way of drawing while flipping so that you can see the motion.
The trouble is that once I draw the forward and back keys no longer work until I press the dope sheet.
What I would like to happen is that I can keep drawing and flipping without any more clicking. Time is money in this game and I already seem to have to spend far to much time clicking and waiting for popup menus (Another feature request there. I would like to be able to disable the animated pop ups when trying to switch from selection tool to point selection tool)

Typically enough I discovered the answer as soon as I posted. I should have programmed the ‘a’ and ‘s’ keys instead of the up and down arrows.
This is highly recommended to anyone with a wacom mouse ofr one of the fancy new wacom Intuos 3 tablets.

OK Dave,…we keep bumping into each other! Man,…you are all over the place!!! i thought you were a Moho man! Now I see you are TBS man too?

Do you also use the Tab, Flash MX, DigiCel Flipbook and CTP Pro?

What’s your animation tool of choice out of curiosity?

I think we agree on XaraX for the graphics editor of choice.

My 2D animtion program of choice would have to be Living Cels!

Todd Dolce’

Hi Todd.
My animation tool of choice is Moho but there are times when I have to do frame by frame stuff (To use in Moho). There doesn’t seem to be one app that can do this properly but for now I use TBS.
However if I won the lottery (Or got LOTS of work) I would get a Wacom Cintiq 21" so I could rotate my canvas in any app. I guess then I would use Mirage as the bitmap drawing tools have a much nicer feel than TBS.
I do use Flash MX but none of the others. I have to ‘draw a line’ somewhere! ;D
Living Cels looked cool but had a fundamental flaw in that if you bent any of those beautiful lines too far you got horrible artifacts.

Yeah Dave,… I know what you mean about Living Cels. I tried it very briefly!! Of course as we know it’s gone now anyway!

I’m finally into story development and I have taken a break from trying this 2D animation app and that one etc. as none of them really felt right! I just couldn’t get my hands around Moho as it didn’t feel natural to me. Too clunky? Can’t put my finger on it.

Mirage is a beautiful program isn’t it? Not so beautiful is that BIG FAT price tag!!! Now they have the animator’s tool box to go with it. Too bad they can’t incorporate vectors. I’m not too keen on being forced into the bitmap arena with that one although if I was trying to achieve the warmer look, boy that app rocks!

Dogwaffle is really moving along well too,…but again,…it’s all about the bitmap thingy with me. It’s affordable too and I hear they are catching up to Mirage.

The vectors are clean and crisp all of the time. That’s where the beauty of both worlds with LivingCels came in. Problems also like you stated and the fact that it’s gone is an issue too.


Moho does require a slightly different mind set. I like it because I don’t have to do so may inbetweens. Besides I think the future of 2d lies in a much more designy approach. For years it tried to be 3d with all that fancy ‘Roger Rabbit’ shading. Actual 3d is way better at that sort of thing. My belief is that you can take a coloured square and give it character and personality if you think about the animation enough.
As to vector animation. TBS (aside form its may workflow irritations and glacial development) is actually a useful bit of kit. Most of the the examples I have seen are of a wobbly brush painted style (As sneered at by a recent client!) BUT the pencil tool with smoothing is very good for getting nice smooth curves. It does take a little longer though. The paint tools are very handy too, way better than the competition.

Mirage is very compelling The drawing tools are beautiful! I bought into it (+ plus toolbar - doh!) but without being able to rotate the workspace it is of limited use to me.

Dogwaffle is interesting but the drawing tools are as bad as Photoshops. When I draw a curve I want a curve not a series of straight lines!

Glad to hear you are in story development. That is the most important part. I’m not quite there yet but one day hope to have enough work to enable me to toddle over in that direction. (It is probably going to be a light hearted comedy about a group of squares stranded on a straight line ;D)
Best of luck!