Feature request: Manual Timing based on clicks

Hey Toonboom,

I love storyboard pro, and was thinking of ways it could improve.

Normally, timing an animatic is a lengthy and tedious process - the problem lies in the fact that you can only time 1 board at a time manually, or multiple boards at a time (through the ‘change panel duration…’ feature).

I got this idea from the fact that we naturally time boards when pitching them - by clicking forward at the rate we desire the boards to be seen. Why not have a feature that can RECORD the pace at which we flicked through the boards?

This is just an idea, but I imagine a feature that works like this.

  1. Click the “manual animatic timing” button

  2. A dialog appears that asks “How much of your storyboard do you want to time?” You could then select:
    -Just my selection
    -Just this sequence
    -The next 2-3 sequences
    -The whole thing!

  3. A timer would appear that counts down from ‘5’

  4. At ZERO, the timeline playhead would jump to the beginning of whatever sequence you had selected, and the ‘manual timing clock’ would start running.

  5. The ‘manual timing clock’ is now running! By hitting “F” (hotkey for moving forward a panel) it would record the amount of time you stayed on that particular board, then adjust the board’s timing accordingly.

  6. Once the playhead reaches the end of your selected sequence, it would exit “manual timing mode” and you would watch as all of your boards automatically re-adjust their individual time length based on your calculated clicks.

I think a feature like this would save tons of initial man hours, and get the bulk of timing an animatic done fast - so that you don’t waste time needing to time things over and over, endlessly readjusting just to get basic timing down.

I understand that this feature may only help a select few, but if there are enough users that think a function like this would be useful, it might be worth considering.

Thanks for making the top storyboarding program on the market!

This feature sounds really helpful! I hope the team can look into this! :smiley: