while working in storyboard and trying to work to audio or over an existing video track (in storyboard 6), we sometimes find ourselves in spots where we have to go through and break things into shots according to timing in the audio/video and then work in/with however many panels we need from there.

the constant aggrivation is that when something is locked from an edit standpoint, but we need to tweak timing of panels within the locked shot duration of an existing animatic, we cannot lock shot durations ourselves. so when a panel is deleted or moved, the breakdown of where shot divisions occur in the timeline changes by seconds or more and messes up the whole project file and it has to be re-timed as to where shots fall which wastes A LOT of time.

It would be GREAT to be able to lock shot durations so that the timing of the cuts from shot to shot can’t be changed while working, just how many panels (and the timing of those panels within) are in a shot.


-Kevin Mellon
Storyboard Director
Floyd County Productions