Feature Request : Drag and Drop Sound FIles from Windows File Explore to Soundtrack

I think it would be a big help if it was possible to Drag and Drop Sound files from Windows File Explorer directly to a sound track in ToonBoom Storyboard

Kind Regards Mads Juul

You can do something very similar but with internal navigation.
Using the much underestimated library.
It’s actually better for sound than panels in the current version.

Here’s a trick.
Open the library window and then right click in the bottom left section.
You will see a menu that includes "Open library’.

Navigate to where you keep the sound files.
It is useful to select to the top folder of all the sound files you are likely to use.
This will open those files in the library for all projects until you decide to remove it.

Now you can preview the sound and drag and drop it right onto the time-line… it is very useful.

If you have sound effects that you like to drop in this method is just what you need. It is a great time saver and actually works better than using the OS explorer.

Thank you!
Very helpfull ! :slight_smile:

no probs :slight_smile: