Feature Request - Default setting for auto-save and save as single package

Hello! I’ve been using SBP for the past month and I’ve encountered two pain points with the new user experience. The software is high quality but the default saving process is confusing and hurts the user.

I’m using Storyboard Pro 22 on macOS Ventura.
I’ve lost two 10+ hour projects due to the autosave not turned on, and accidentally moving the unpacked file and SBP deleting all my TVG files.

I’d like to propose:

  1. Auto-save is enabled out of the box
  2. Save new projects in single file format (packed file) is set for new users
  3. A warning for new users not to move their files while Storyboard Pro is open; as well as warning against using cloud-based storage (ie Google Drive)

I’d love to see this moving forward to prevent heartaches for future users. : )

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I agree with these suggestions! I think that these should be the defaults.