Feature request: Ability to set default composite module mode

All of the animation I do is with vector objects so one of the first things I have to do for all my characters is to set the composite mode to Pass Through. It would be nice to have a way to set this default mode rather than having to do so each and every time. Could this be added to the Preferences or is there a way to set this manually once and for all?

The Pass through feature of the composite module only serve to tell if the output port will use only one Z value or if it passes all Z values of each input…

So, I am not sure your request is relevant based on the way you justify it.

Do you wish to discuss the Pass through feature in greater details ?

Well, as I understand it, you must use Pass Through mode in order to be able to have one character interact with another character. For example, if you want character A and character B to hug each other where the arms go in front of and behind each other. If the composite for each is not Pass Through you’d be unable to do that, right?

I’m with Zebtoonz. Almost all of my composites are pass thru and when I find that I can’t nudge a body part backwards or forwards (it’s z depth is changing but it seems to not be moving) I know I have to find that one composite I forgot to change. Pass through as default would be great.

Would be nice to have this, yes!

Yeah add me to the list of people what would like this feature. I’m spending way too much time going through all composites and changing them all to “Pass Through” rather than spending my time working on the animation.

It would seem to me to be the correct default mode for most, but not all modules created.

In the meantime create a pass through composite and store it in your library as a template. Then you can just drag it into the node view from your template library instead of the node library.

Yes, I’m with Zebtoonz, in a few of the tutorials I’ve watched and even in your Toon Boom documentation: http://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-12-2/premium/3d-space/organize-3d-composite-nodes.html, it usually suggests compositing layers with Pass Through mode. Could you guys please program Toon Boom to have “Pass Through” as the default setting for Composite? That, or allow us to customize the effects from the Node Library so we can choose which settings are most useful to us for when we drop them in to the Node View. It would be great if we could right click on a node in the Node Library and customize our default settings for each effect so when we drop them into the Node View, they will always be coming in with the settings most useful to us. Please help us save time by making these defaults customizable. So far, setting the Compositing Mode to Pass Through is the only default I’ve wanted to change, but I could imagine wanting to change others. As far as problems go, I recently encountered an issue trying to simply leave things at the default Bitmap setting: I had two groups in my project, one group with an animated Character with all parts going into a Composite, then to the Multiport out, then from the Multiport out to the final scene Composite. In the second group, I had essentially the same setup but it was with a background. I ordered the Character group to pipe in in front of the Background group. I went into the 3d view and moved the Character group toward the camera in z space, so the character was CLEARLY closer to the camera than the background was. The character was showing up on the screen BEHIND the background. When I set each of the Composite nodes within the groups to Pass Through mode, everything worked just fine by showing the Character in front of the Background. Thanks Toon Boom, we love the software, we just want it to be even more perfect and awesome!