Feature Request - Ability to modify thumbnail aspect ratio

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to modify the aspect ratio of the window that contains the panels in the Thumbnails view.

What I mean is that by default, Storyboard Pro creates a square for each panel. If the aspect ratio of the image is different than a square (and to be honest, almost always is), it will just show whatever it is outside of the camera frame. Now, for previewing shots and panels, this is really bad. I don’t want to see whatever I left out of the image, outside the camera.
Wouldn’t it be better if the thumbnails automatically adjusted to the actual aspect ratio of the project? Or at least there should be an option to fill the outside of the camera with black (like the Camera Mask option in the Camera View).

Now, I understand that whenever there is a camera movement inside the shot, the thumbnail will extend to cover the whole camera movement. This, as a thumbnail, is also pretty useless. Instead of having this, there should be a small animated preview of the shot with the camera movement whenever you move your mouse over the thumbnail (TVPaint does this with the scenes) and maybe a marker that notices there’s a camera movement in the shot (for example, a red border around the thumbnail).

I think these two things would be really helpful and really improve the readability of the Thumbnails window.