Feature ideas or do these exist already?

Some small features that came to my mind while working in Harmony Adv 14.

  1. It would be great if the mark in and out for the preview would be saved in the project file.
    I often set the scene longer than I want to work with since some animatione “goes out of the the scene” and if you schrink the lenght of the scene you dont see what going on and in some cases there are keys outside the lenght that affect the animation even if you dont see them.
    Se attached image, I hope the idea are clear.

  2. It would also be good if you had the option to select save same as mark in - out area.

  3. I wonder how the tools settings are saved. It seems like every time you select as tool it goes back to default.
    Is there is way to select how you want the tool setting to be default?

/ Mattias

Hi Mattias,

It’s a very good suggestion indeed.

I am not sure I clearly understand point 2. It sounds a bit like point 1.

For the settings, a lot of them can be saved using Tool Presets:



Yes, point 2 is similar to 1.
It was just that a selection possibility was added to the export window option to save according to the marks.
That would make it easier to render out parts of in existing animation where the in and out frames not are the beginning and end of the scenelength.

I will take a closer look at the tool presets. Thanks!

/ Mattias